NJPAIP NJ Car Insurance Quoting & Buying Process

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The Process:
1. Submit Quote Request [DONE} -> Wait for quote result/estimate {IN PROCESS]

Once quote is accurate and you are ready to proceed

2. Gather Copies of Documents: Legible Copy of License and Registration/Title to email or fax

3. Discuss your coverage options, any discounts and payment methods

4. Complete application

5. Remit purchase deposit and get temporary coverage binder

Documents required to purchase your policy usually include:

Legible copies of each of your (to be insured) NJ drivers license and registration and or
title (enlarged for clarity to email or fax)

If you are buying a vehicle and need insurance then you will need one of the following
(title SIGNED and dated, need both sides) or bill of sale and temporary registration document if from a car dealer.

In ALL cases where more than one licensed driver resides at the
same address you will need their Full Name, Drivers License Numbers,
Date of Birth and a copy name of their insurance coverage [Declarations Page] that proves they have current insurance to keep them from being rated on your policy.