NJPAIP High Risk Auto Insurance Paperwork Needed For Coverage

NJPAIP Car Insurance requires certain documents for coverage through the state of NJ Plan. Review these below so you will be ready to purchase your NJPAIP High Risk Auto Insurance policy with ease.


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NJPAIP High Risk Auto Insurance Required Legal Documents

Completed Official NJPAIP Car Insurance Application

Completed Official NJPAIP Auto Insurance Coverage Selection Form

NJPAIP High Risk Auto Insurance Paperwork Needed For Coverage and Supporting Documents and required information

Proof that you are a NJ resident.

The following information for each driver listed as operators on the NJPAIP Insurance policy: full name, relationship to applicant, complete date of birth, sex, current marital status, and possibly each drivers’ social security number

Copy of Motor Vehicle Reports for all listed operators on the application

Copy of driver’s license (s) for each driver in household (Drivers insured elsewhere will need to prove that they have an active policy and need to be listed with name, NJ Drivers License number, and name of company insured with and policy number (proof may be required by Declarations Page/s)

Complete year, make model, body style and vehicle identification number of each vehicle to be insured on the NJPAIP Policy.

Copy of NJ Motor Vehicle Commission registration for all vehicles in household (Title may also be used)

Copies of policy Declarations Page for vehicles in household not insured under requested policy

Copies of police reports for all accidents, if you have some that you think are not your fault

Copies of moving violation citations (may be needed after policy is issued in rare cases)

Full name and full address of vehicle Lienholder/copy of lease (s) for all leased vehicles, if applicable

Copy of current auto policy Declarations Page/s indicating coverage for previous period

Employment information for drivers to be insured (employers are not contacted, used to determine how far you drive to work and back)

Odometer reading for each vehicle to be insured on NJPAIP Insurance Policy

Distance of commute to work/school for each vehicle

NJPAIP Car Insurance and Discount Documents

Driver Training or Defensive Driver certificate

Report card or transcript for each Good Student discount requested

Copy window sticker or Bill of Sale/Buyers Order/ Purchase Order invoice for anti theft discount

Copy of window sticker Bill of Sale/Buyers Order/ Purchase Order or invoice for safety devices

Proof of residency may include utility bill, copy of lease, affidavit from homeowner, phone bill, mortgage coupon, recent bank statement or voter registration card.

You are not required to personally supply copies of motor vehicle reports for your NJPAIP Insurance Policy. However, this may expedite the process and ensure the most accurate quotes.

All private passenger vehicles are mandated by NJ law to maintain automobile liability insurance, N.J.S.A. 39:6A et seq. Personal auto coverage may be obtained on a voluntary basis or through the (NJPAIP) New Jersey Personal Automobile Insurance Assigned Risk Plan.

Rate Filing Requirement – N.J.A.C. 11:3-16.     Eligible Persons Regulation – N.J.A.C. 11:3-34. Standard/Nonstandard Regulation – N.J.A.C. 11:3-19.    Underwriting Guidelines – N.J.A.C. 11:3-35.