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Got Points? Having trouble staying insured? Request a NJ PAIP New Jersey High Risk Car Insurance – Auto Insurance quote below and get a policy that you could keep.

NJPAIP New Jersey High Risk Car Insurance Plan helps people from all areas in NJ find car insurance regardless of your past history (856) 863-5654.
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In the past 5 years have you had Tickets-DUI/DWI, been canceled for non-payment or have too many accidents? NJ high risk car insurance may be for you. Find out what non-standard car insurance commonly known as New Jersey high risk car insurance plan coverage costs easily today.

NJPAIP New Jersey High Risk Car Insurance Certified Producers help you to explore your coverage options, down payment and payment structure. We’ll help you find the cheapest NJPAIP car insurance or high risk auto insurance coverage even when you have a NJ DUI, traffic violations, moving violations, or several accidents. Take a NJ Defensive Driving Course and lower your NJPAIP New Jersey High Risk Car Insurance rates for up to 5 years.

High Risk Insurance is offered through the State Of New Jersey Assigned Risk Plan. If you need this type of insurance you will NOT be rated based on your credit score, education level and other factors that large insurance companies use to “weed out” drivers that may present a risk that they are not comfortable with.

In addition if you meet the NJ high risk auto insurance application criteria you are guaranteed to be assigned to a company that has to take your policy because the state assigned risk plan mandates that they have to insure you.

Get started with a free rate quote and see if our PAIP Certified Producers will be able to help you. You are under no obligation by just requesting a NJPAIP rate quote. Other non standard car insurance policies may be available to you and we will explore all of your options for you.

New Jersey High Car Insurance help is available in all NJ counties and towns, get help now.

Get a free rate quote for NJPAIP - the NJ State Auto Insurance Plan.

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Get expert help with NJPAIP or other alternatives for car insurance and have an policy that you could keep until your points come off of your record. Quotes other than NJPAIP New Jersey High Risk Car Insurance may be available based on the severity of your past driving history.

New Jersey PAIP Insurance was designed to help drivers in NJ find insurance regardless of your past history (856) 863-5654.
Anyone can have a few tickets and fall out of favor with large insurers!

NJ Car insurance quotes available in all New Jersey towns, cities and boroughs.

What factors can affect the cost of my NJ automobile insurance?

A number of factors can affect the cost of your automobile insurance – some of which you can control and some which are beyond your control. The type of car you drive, the purpose the car serves, your driving record, and where you live can all affect how much your automobile insurance will cost you.

Even your marital status can affect your cost of insurance. Statistics show that married people tend to have fewer and less costly accidents than do single people.

What should I consider when purchasing automobile insurance?
There are a number of factors you should consider when purchasing any product or service, and insurance is no different.
Here is a checklist of things you should consider when purchasing automobile insurance.

First, purchase the amount of liability coverage which makes sense for you.

Second, you should decide which optional coverages you want. For example, do you want the optional physical damage coverages in Part D or is the market value of your car too low to warrant purchasing them.

If you are having trouble with NJPAIP or any NJ Insurance matter, call the department at 609-292-7272 or the Consumer Hotline at 1-800-446-7467.

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